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Neuroscience major business minor for premed

I’m currently a rising senior in high school and I’m planning on pursuing a pre med undergraduate route. I know med schools don’t really take your major into consideration so I decided neuroscience was a good major for me. I have trouble deciding between taking a business or psych minor and I’m not sure which one would be more beneficial. I’ve heard having business as a minor can be quite difficult. If anyone has any recommendations please let me know!


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a year ago

To be honest, The subjects that you take should be completely based on your preference and interests. The courses that you take right now will further help in college courses. I think that if you are planning to take a pré med undergraduate course then taking a business minor wouldn’t be much beneficial in that field. But if u are interested in learning about business then there is no issue in going for it. Coming to difficulty of subject, it’s all about the preparation level. If u are enthusiastic towards a subject, then I feel that learning it becomes easier.

Hope this helps : )


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