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International student bus/MD programs

Hi l am an international student and l want to enter a bus/MD programs. I was wondering if the fact l have not taken any AP/IB or honour classes (because l am homeschooled) will affect my application? Also is there anywag to make up for that, should take some college course, if so do you kniw how many. Follow up question if l take a course on edx dose that count?


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4 years ago

So to be honest BSMD are THE most selective major/program in existence. The school with the highest admit rate of BSMD is UMKC with 7ish percent. To put in perspective Yale’s is .7% lower. UPenns admit rate is greater than the least selective BSMD program. As for APs by itself you will not be hurt by your lack of it but if there’s someone who took 10 APs when 12 were offered compared to someone with 0/0 I’d admit the 10/12 just about every single time. With just how selective the program is the relationships at a high school via rec letters are super important. Not saying it’s impossible to get into a BSMD program just super super difficult.



As for college courses honestly that would be a great idea there’s no magic number but courses relating to medicine like biology anatomy chemistry are great ideas. EdX courses are not impressive it’s like EdX courses tell you how to make pizza but if you don’t do anything with the knowledge it’s useless. If you use the skills in a EdX course then you go and apply that knowledge then it’s a good idea.

Another idea would be to self study the APs and to take the AP exams but that depends on finicial situtaion country city and is an idea to look into.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!

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