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Does taking ASL in high school count as a foreign language for college admissions?

I couldn't fit another language into my schedule and I have to take ASL. Do most colleges think that it's okay for admissions? Is there any major colleges who might reject my application because I am not taking something like French or Spanish?


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a year ago

Hi, it depends on the college you are applying to. It seems like many Top College do.

So I recommend you look at these ASL resources with your list of colleges and see if you are in clear.

You might want to add some colleges to your list that do accept ASL as a foreign language requirement

Here is a partial list of the most well know colleges that do -


And ASLCollege is a lookup website that you click on the State and it returns a list of colleges in that state and their ASL policies.


Best of luck in your college admissions journey!


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