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How can I see what careers each college have?


How can I see what careers (I think that's the name, the thing you study) each college have? Is it on the website or what? Because I just can't find it

So you mean majors?

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Google insert name of school majors catalog or google insert name of school degrees. Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!

Hi!, yes actually I could use clarification, I`m not sure how school degrees or majors work in the US. Should I put it in another question or can you answer me through the comments?
I’ll be happy to answer here! So a major and degree is very slightly different the main type of degree is a major but a minor is less time intensive and provides qualification but not as much as a major. Degrees as a whole typically have a course load/pathway so you will complete x classes and you’d get those and then when completed with passing grades you will graduate. Hope this helps and clarifies.