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09/16/2020 at 02:21AM
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How do I exclude my test score for consideration on College Vine?

All of the schools I'm applying to have gone test blind. I'd like to exclude the test from consideration by the algorithm because I don't think CV has adjusted for this yet. I tried simply deleting my score but it wouldn't let me save and see my results. Is this possible?


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Accepted Answer
09/16/2020 at 06:06PM[edited]

Hi there! By the end of this week, all users will be invited to self-upgrade to our latest version of chancing, which accounts for test-optional policies. Those who don't self-upgrade will be automatically upgraded in a few weeks.

Also, I think you mean that all the schools are test-optional, not test-blind. Most schools will still consider test scores if submitted (test-optional); some are actually not considering them at all (test-blind), but it's more rare.

Hope this helps, and let me know if you have more questions!

09/16/2020 at 01:53PM

So I believe if you click haven’t taken SAT/ACT yet it will show you without test scores factored in. If that doesn’t work email

Hope this helps.

09/16/2020 at 03:00AM

put 10 points lower than the average for your demographic of each school. You will have to do it multiple times but its a pretty good estimation


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