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Is it okay that I'm joining 1-2 more clubs in my junior year and starting community service?

I'm a junior this year and didn't do much about my extracurriculars. I did track in 9th and 10th grade, I joined art club in 10th and am continuing it. I decided to join one club in my junior year and adding one more, maybe. I wasn't quite interested in them before, but now I am and I just want to know if that'll hurt my chances when applying. Also, I did little to no community service. I was going to do it the summer before junior year, but corona hit. I might do it the summer before senior year, but time will tell. I found out about a group this year and decided to join it where you can get hours after meeting requirements. I want to know if volunteering starting in my junior year also hurt my chances.

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4 years ago

Just wanted to let you know that a majority of students have been affected by Corona too so you are not alone in having your extracurricular activities limited: colleges will know. In terms of the clubs you are joining now,even if it won't boost your chances it will definitely not HURT your chances. Also if your clubs are related to your major, colleges will like to see it. So in the end go for it. It wont hurt your chances so there can only be a net benefit. Make sure you extend your participation into senior year and try to get those leadership roles. Good luck!

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