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09/16/2020 at 02:42AM

"Continue" in Activity Section

Hello! I'm currently filling out the common app and am having some trouble deciding which activities to say that I will "continue" in college. I really enjoy almost all of my activities and would like to find some way to move forward with parts of each thing, btu I'm not sure what qualifies as continuing. For example, I run a club for silly debates (think cats vs. dogs, is cereal a soup) and while I want to keep having silly debates, I don't want to run that club in college. Same wiht a club I'm in where we talk about Scientific journals. Same with my social justice work. I also run cross country, and though I will not be on the official college team I do plan on running with a club or just a running group. I'm not just going to stop doing those things in college, but I won't be part of the same organizations/groups. How will it be interpreted if I put "continue" for each of those and for others? Is there a way to show that I'm interested in continuing the type of activity even if the same (or a parallel) group/organization/club doesn't exist in college?

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09/16/2020 at 12:27PM

If you select that you want to continue the activity, you do not have to be part of the same organization or group. It just means that you want to do something similar in college. This just shows college what types of things your interested in doing at their campus. Also, you do not have to continue doing this activity even if you select that you will. At most, colleges just use this information to give your name to some groups at their school. As long as you want to do something similar in college, I would just select continue.

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09/16/2020 at 05:14PM

Just wanted to second this awesome response! Admissions officers don't expect you to do the exact same version of your activity. They just want to know how you'll contribute to life on campus.