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How to get my grade back up?


Unfortunately, though it is only the second week of school, I already have a B+ in my APUSH class. I got a C+ on the first test, but currently have A's on all other assignments. My grade for the class is an 89, and I'd like to at least get it back up to a 90. It is my first time in an AP class and I definitely thought I did a thorough job studying (Khan Academy, Quizlets, taking notes, and filling out a companion workbook) but obviously my methods fell short! Does anyone have any tips on how to raise my grades and study more effectively for APUSH? Thank you in advance!


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I would suggest using various youtube channels that are specifically APUSH lessons

Such as:

Also, going on Amazon or something similar and buying 1 or 2 of the APUSH review books.

Your APUSH teacher's class goal is to make sure all his/her students do well on the AP TEST therefore, you need to think differently than other history classes. Your teacher is teaching to the test. The test doesn't change that much each year and therefore seek out other resources that will help you learn to the test.

Good luck.