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Is my college profile going to be compared to others in my school/region?

I lived in rural North Carolina and attended a small charter school that was resource deficient for my freshman and sophomore year, but I recently moved to a school/region with a lot more resources and opportunities (academia & extracurricular wise). So, I was wondering if my profile is still gonna be compared to those in my school, even though we haven’t had the same opportunities? For example, my current school offers honors classes and more APs than my old school did but I’ve just recently been able to take advantage of it so other students’ GPAs and transcripts in my school will look a lot more rigorous than mine.


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It might not be obvious to the application readers who see your transcript to realize that you went to 2 schools.

Therefore, use the additional information space on the college application wisely and alert them to the differences in resources and opportunities that have affected your total academic record. They will review your application holistically but it may help them to have some context written in your own words to how you took maximum advantage of the new and better opportunities that you were afforded when you switched schools.

While you will be compared to others from the school you are in and the school district you belong to, it's up to you do give them the information the might need to assess your file from a perspective of a level playing field.

Good luck and I hope that is most helpful.


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