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Is it beneficial for the class of 2021 to submit an SAT score that is below the typical academic cutoff of a university?

I'm signed up to take the SAT in October and my previous score was 1300. I'm positive my score will improve to atleast 1350 but I'm wondering if its worth it to submit say a 1400 score to a university like Georgetown whose "cutoff" is 1440.

Will it improve my chances, do nothing, or hurt them?

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None of the schools including highly competitive schools like Georgetown have a strict cutoff. If someone communicated that to you I don't think they were doing you any favors.

I looked up Georgetown's Common Data Set for 2020 and their 25% to 75% percentile range is 1370 to 1530 for the SAT composite score. This is slightly lower than adding the individual scores up 690 /760 and 690/790.

Also, I looked up what the SAT main buckets are. 70% have SAT scores between 1400 and 1600

And 25% of admits have scores between 1200 and 1400, and 5% have scores below 1200 (most likely legacy, athletes, or development candidates)

Therefore if you score between a 1370+ and say 1450 you should submit your SAT score.

If you score less than 1370, I would recommend not submitting it.

To give you confidence take at least 5-6 practice tests and try to score 1350 to 1450 on them. And then review all the problems you got wrong and know what your weaknesses.

Good luck with your October SAT exam.


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