a year ago
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Am I in disadvantage

I am the first one apply to abroad universities in my whole district am I in disadvantage.


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2 answers

a year ago

As @DebaterMAX said, this doesn't put you at a disadvantage per se, but it might mean you have lack of resources and guidance to apply to schools abroad. Definitely take some time to familiarize yourself with the American college admissions process, which is very different. Admissions is also harder for international students, especially if you need financial aid. Some schools won't take into account your need though (they're called need-blind), and some schools will give financial aid to international students. These are all the types of schools you might want to look into.

If you want more resources, our blog is full of them: https://blog.collegevine.com/

Feel free to follow up with more questions, and best of luck!

a year ago

I presume you are talking as an intl student applying to an abroad school and you are the first in your district? If so please comment so I can change my advice.

Being the first to study abroad is likely actually an advantage but the disadvantage is the lack of resources and advice that you would normally have. In that case google/the internet is always a great idea and you can always email the schools you are interested in and ask something along the lines of

I am a student in city, country my school doesn’t have any study abroad resources do you happen to have any recommendations for guides to studying abroad that can help me? If so I greatly appreciate it!



Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!


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