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What are the factors this college is going to look for in my application?

Throughout high-school, I've always been on the honor roll with a 3.5 GPA. Does my grades really affect my college application? Is there any way that I can improve my extracurricular to help me get into this college. Thank you.

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What grade are you in? Also, what ECs, APs and Tests (ACT/SAT/SAT2) have you done so far? Is your GPA unweighted or weighted? What colleges are you considering applying? It would be hard for anyone to give you advice without some context.

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To answer your question specifically: YES YES YES! Colleges most definitely look at your grades to see what kind of student you are. As CameronBameron stated, there are many other factors in the application. I think it'll all depend on what college you are looking into like he/she said. This is something you should research. But to put it bluntly...yes they do. And as far as EC's put down as much as you can and do as much as you can to move up in status in that specific activity.


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