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What kind of extra-curricular activities should i engage in with short amount of time left?

I am a rising junior in high school and I go to boarding school which means for me it is a lot harder for me to do anything outside since my school is pretty far from the town and also far from my home. Do you think being a prefect in my school will help my ECs? or is there any ECs in mind that you think will help me?


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a year ago

I do think that being prefect with strengthen your college resume because it demonstrates leadership ability and the desire to be a role model to younger students within your school.

In regards to other extraccuriculars, I think one of the best things you can do is take a hobby you enjoy and pursue it independently. For example, if you are interested in writing, you can start a blog, submit your work to writing contests, try to get your writing published in the newspaper, etc. Similarly, with art and/or music, you can start a club at your school or enter competitions. In my opinion, an important part of college applications is demonstrating genuine passion for subjects, rather than simply participating in things for the name recognition.

There are also many internships/volunteer opportunities available online so you can contribute to your community without the burden of being there in person. When you are searching for interenships, etc. I recommend looking for things that match your academic interests, firstly to learn more about the subject, and secondly to show that you're an engaged individual that actively pursues his/her/their passions.

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I don't know what boarding school you go to but if my memory serves me correctly boarding schools have many more on-campus activities than your typical private or public high school. I wouldn't let the isolation keep you from finding things you love to do and excelling at them.

First, let me say that being a prefect is a form a student government, and by being one you are showing your excellent leadership ability to both communicate and engage between the students (uppers and lowers) and the administration. Congrats. Keep doing that that's excellent.

For the rest of your ECs, I'm not sure what you're currently involved in but I imagine there are 50+ clubs, various music, dance, theater options, your typical debate, model UN, marketing things, and your newspaper, creative writing journal options, and perhaps a couple of dozen Sports options.

You don't have to be great at everything but pick say 3 to 5 of these and work toward a leadership position in a club or a team.

Since you have a laptop most-likely there plenty of online things you can do from starting a youtube channel about something unique and interesting, volunteering for Congressional or Senate campaign in any of the 50 states, and do things like text banking for them, you can also sign up and be an online activist and help multiple platforms expand their voice both online and in your own community. Or find something at your school that is a missing gap in the clubs and fill the void. I don't know if you are a boy or a girl. But for instance, if there is no Girls club focused on learning about money, finance, and being self-sufficient, you can start a girls empowerment group. I know that Yale University has some MBA Mentors looking to help teen girls learn about how the banking system and Wall Street works so you can look into something like that.

The key thing about ECs is that find things that interest you, find things that you can be good at, and use those ECs to help support your narrative about who you are and what you might want to study at college. So if you are more of a writer, find things you can write. If you are more of a musician, find ways to play more music or tutor kids to appreciate the way you see it.

Also, since you go to boarding school, make sure you take full advantage of all those well-paid college counselors and admin staff tasked with mentoring and taking care of you. Don't be shy, be brave, and ask for help. Nothing makes those folks feel better than if they know they had a personal hand in matriculating you in a great college because it helps their reputation and gives them credibility. Don't wait until Senior year. Now would be a good time to go set up a meeting with your C.V. and all the things you are thinking of doing and a list of colleges. And start brainstorming with them as a team right away.

And if that doesn't materialize, reach out to your parents and tell them that you need to speak to a college advisor who will give you guidance on what you need to do over the next 12-15 months before applying.

Good luck with everything. !

a year ago

I would say something like online classes that last 8 weeks. It could be like CS50 or edX which gives you certificate for subjects that last for about 8 weeks. It's outside of school so it counts as an EC


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