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Should my Common App Essay be more about how education changed me or how life experiences changed me?

So I have written two different Common App Essays.

One is about how a project I did in middle school led to further research, which ultimately shaped my character as a person. The essay is about how the project opened my eyes to a part of the world that I now have immersed myself into. It somewhat relates to my major.

The second one is about how the difficulties I have experienced with the things I love most have made me stronger, and have ultimately inspired me to continue to pursue my passion. It also somewhat relates to my major.

Any advice?

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a year ago

I think both of them are great ideas. So it is hard to decide which one to pick. If the second essay relates to your major that is a huge plus at is shows you are passionate about something your university of choice offers. Which is good as schools love to see that you have a genuine interest in getting into their school.

However, if the connection is weak there, you might want to consider the other essay as it shows accomplishments. Here are some ideas that I've came up with in the five seconds I've thought about this lol

If you choose essay 2, you could just add your further research into your activities and extra information section if you received any type of awards for that project.

If you choose essay 1, you could always make your second essay (if one is required) about your personal experiences.

Like I said, both of them have great potential so I think you can't really go THAT wrong with either. It'll just depend on what college you are applyinfg to and looking at suggestions for that essay on the internet.

Hope this helps :)


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