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Explain the ranking procedure of Texas A&M if my school doesn't rank


So my school does not rank, and I have moved to several schools till I arrived in my current one. What makes me angry is that A&M is ranking me based on my GPA at face value, and not considering that I might have taken different and harder courses than the ones my current peers took


Will they rank me based on the courses I took with my current classmates?


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Did you happen to watch the TAMU youtube channel on filling out your self reported academic record?

There are about 14 videos on there. This is one that covers filling out for class rank.

No one on CollegeVine or none of the HS students answering and posting here works for TAMU or their admissions office.

I highly recommend you contact them directly with questions like the ones you ask about ranking.

Good luck.

they didn't say anything about this that's why I asked
even when i asked
You should ask the admissions office