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please read the details for more information!!

so I accidentally put the wrong teacher for a specific schools recommendation and they have already submitted the recommendation but I feel bad removing them. I just don’t want the common app to tell them that I took their name off.

does it alert the recommender when you remove their name from the school??


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a year ago

I hope this is helpful, I found this on the COMMON APP FAQS

(Copied from COMMON APP Website)

How can I remove a recommender?

You will only be able to remove a recommender if the form has not been submitted. Once your recommender submits the online form, the recommendation is locked with your application.

To remove, or unassign, a recommender from a particular school, please follow the steps below.

1. Contact the recommender to advise that you will remove them from a specific school or altogether

2. From the Recommenders and FERPA page of the specific school, click the X icon.

To remove a recommender from all your applications, go to the "Manage Recommenders" button in the Recommenders and FERPA section. You'll see a trash can icon to remove them.

If your school is using Naviance, please contact your counselor for assistance.


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