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Do I have to apply to each section of a university?

Hi! I am applying to Rutgers University in New Jersey; I want to apply to the school of Arts and Sciences and also their music school. Are those two separate applications? Or is it one for all the sections of the university? Is this universal for all universities or does it differ?

Thank you so much for your help! :)

@DebaterMAXa year ago

Generally if you have a question about applications for a specific school contact said school directly as we are peers not professionals. You can contact them here https://admissions.rutgers.edu/contact

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11 months ago

I recommend reaching out to the school, as @DebaterMAX said. Rutgers doesn't seem to be on the Common App, so it's hard for other students to check unless they also have a Rutgers application. You usually apply to one school within a university though, so your case is unique!


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