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How much weight do colleges give for super scored SAT scores

So I took the SAT twice and my super score puts me at the 75th percentile of my dream school(my dream school superscores btw). My separate two scores ,however, only put me at the 50th percentile. So my question is do college admission officers give more weight to single SAT scores than superscored SAT scores?

For example: A college that super scores the SAT has applicant A and B

Applicant A: Has a 1540 from one sitting

Applicant B: Has a 1480 and 1470 but the super score is a 1540

Would Applicant A be at an advantage in terms of the SAT because that score is from one sitting or would it be the same in the eyes of the admission officers?


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2 years ago

The quick answer is that if the college you are applying to allows for superscoring the SAT, then that is their policy versus some exception. If they publish their policy it means that everyone on the admissions committee knows that it's their policy and abide by it. No one would have an advantage if both applicants have a 1540 score because their policy states that whether you get 1540 in 1 sitting or X sittings, its 1540.

There are several things you are not factoring in your thinking.

All Top Tier colleges have made the SAT optional, not 1 of the top 400 colleges has made it a requirement. That means that you will be competing against someone that doesn't have an SAT score. So if your dream college has 50 data points or 200 data points they look at to determine acceptance, then you are competing with someone who as 49 or 199 data points. All their data points are valid because all test-optional policies state that no one will be penalized for not submitting an SAT score. Therefore if you are going to lose your place, it's most likely nothing to do with someone else have a non-super scored 1540 but someone who has a better essay than you, better recommendations, better ECs, or some unique talent like they are a 3rd best rock climber in the US. Keep in mind that you will be evaluated holistically on your submitted data points and someone else is being evaluated on their data points which equals 1 less than yours. So if you are both on a cooking show the host gives you a basket of 50 ingredients and the other contestants get a basket of 51 ingredients or 49 ingredients. You get to cook to your best ability and judged by what the unique circumstances you had, like what was in your basket. Worrying about SAT scores when you are at 75% percentile is not the correct thing to worry about. As you apply to harder and harder schools keep in mind that there exist a plethora of applicants with near-perfect SAT scores that will be rejected. It was mentioned on previous CV posts, but a school like Harvard treats a 33-36ACT, 1500-1600SAT the exact same (2) score on their score-card under Magna Cum Laude. I don't know what you need to get a (1) Summa Cum Laude score but perhaps you need to take like 10 college classes, Win the Top Prize at the Intel Science fair, or hold several patents. Less than 1% of Harvard admits are Summa so like 20 people. If you search the web you can find the supporting court documents from their lawsuit that fully describes the cutoffs.

Good luck.


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