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Hi, I am a High school senior who is on track to graduate early from High school. I have not had the chance to take the SAT or ACT due to the pandemic, but then heard that UC schools will not be requiring them for admissions. Should I still take one of them? Also due to covid and budget restraints at my school they have cut all clubs this school year, will I still be able to list the clubs that I have participated in from past years? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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Indeed some schools are no longer requiring SAT/ACT but if you have the opportunity to pass them, I think its worth a shot. That way if you do really well, it could definitely help your application, compared to those who dont apply with them. At the end of the day it's up to you to decide whether you think you'll do well or not. My friend knew she would have an average grade so she didn't take the SAT while I thought I had a chance at getting a 1500 or above so I took it. Does that make sense? But it won't negatively impact your admissions if you dont take them. Many people are not passing them so dont worry :)

As for clubs, definitely list everything you have participated in since freshmen year especially since you won't have any clubs to participate in this year. If you are applying with Common App there is a limit to the amount of activities you can list, but if you find that you want to add more, one comment said to add hobbies which is smart.

Also, the Common App has an additional section on how the pandemic impacted you (I think). If you were fortunate to not have been severely impacted, maybe you could mention that you weren't able to participate in clubs? That way it doesn't look like you quit.

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Some colleges haven’t changed using standardized tests for merit money, so if you can take SAT or ACT take it, if not, there’s nothing you can do and UC isn’t using them. I have been cancelled on so many at times I won’t have a SAT score either. I am listing everything I have done from 9-12. One club I wasn’t really involved I just signed up I am not listing because I didn’t do anything with. If You have room I would put hobbies too since clubs are not there for this year. If you aren’t doing anything I would start to do something so you can list something for this year. It can be anything, gardening, start a woodworking project, start a journal of poetry, I think just have something you show passion about which doesn’t have to be an organized school or out of school activity.


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