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I am reading through requirements for colleges and for most of the ones I would like to apply to, I need two SAT subject test scores. I am going into college to become a civil engineer. I know one of the tests will be math, but I am unsure of what the second test should be that would show my skills, but coincide with my degree choice. The options for science are biology, chemistry and physics. I know physics would make the most sense, but I have been unable to take a physics class, and don't know if I will be able to. I am not great at chemistry, and I feel biology in irrelevant.

I have the option of taking a second math test, but I didn't know if that would be too narrow of a skill set to show.

Should I do 2 math tests, take a physics tutoring class before December, or take the math test and choose the second one based off of what I'm best at?


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Don't take 2 math tests. That is highly unrecommeded. I recommend that you look at the colleges you are applying to because some schools actually require you to take certain tests depending on the schools/programs/majors you apply for. Physics would definitely be most helpful for you though. But if you haven't learned it or aren't strong in it, it's not recommended that you take it. And if the schools don't require you to take certain tests, you dont have to only take science tests. You can also try other tests if you're able to.