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How to prioritize activities?


I’ve seen all the webinars about the activity order is what is most important to you. But wouldn’t it look strange to put down let’s say your sport all the way at the bottom if that is what you spend most of your time doing? Is is what you enjoy the most or how you’ve made a difference the most? How important is number 1 activity vs. your 4th activity?


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Listing your activities is more of an art than a science. To answer your questions, you have to weigh what's most important to you, what is most impressive, and what you spent the most time doing. These often times converge, but sometimes don't. When it comes to sports, these activities are super common, and generally not impressive for most students, unless you were state-level. Of course, you probably spent tons of time on your sport though, and maybe you enjoy it a lot, so I can understand wanting to list it higher.

Just keep in mind that many other applicants will be listing sports first on their application. Your first activity is a chance to make an impression, so if you have something more unique and equally important to you (and was a similarly large commitment), I'd recommend listing that first instead. Similarly, if you have more unique activities that were important to you, you can list those before sports too. It won't necessarily look weird to have sports at the bottom, if the activities before were still important commitments.

Hope this helps, and let me know if you have more questions!

I have 9 activities. Chapeter leader of my county of an organization I’ll put first. Then I have 3x USA National Team appointment in the sport I’m in. I have a job I love I was going to put that next, 4 different Community service, one I raise money every year for the past 5 years I was going to put that as number 4? I also have my team sport related to team USA, but for my club should I list as 5 because I spend so much time doing it, also high ranked in USA Then list the rest of the stuff?
That sounds reasonable to me. It's hard to say without really seeing the activities listed out with descriptions, so I'd ask your counselor/a teacher/an older peer to look over it and see if the flow feels good to them. I will say that I like the variation - it's better than listing all similar activities in a row.