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I’ve attended 2 live-streams already and I haven’t gotten an attendance email after any of them?


I’m watching the live-streams on my account, but I haven’t been getting any attendance emails after the stream, and I registered for the classes too. I’m doing it for National Honor Society, and to ask questions about the colleges I see.


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Hi there, thanks for attending our livestreams! Could you clarify what you're looking for? Is it proof of attendance, or a recording? We're happy to help in any way we can. Just let us know what exactly you need, and for what purpose.

Yes, thank you. Im looking for proof of attendance, so that I can send it for National Honor society hours.
We're unfortunately not able to provide a certificate of attendance, due to the volume of viewers on our livestreams. We recommend reporting the livestream sessions you attended by honor system to your NHS advisor, and let them know they can reach out to us at if they need more verification. Hope this helps!
Feel free to also show them this thread as proof that you reached out to us about this :)