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I noticed that are no Canadian schools on College Vine to help with admissions and applications and whatnot maybe someone here can help me??

I am hoping to apply to several top Canadian schools (McGill, UBC, U of T, U of A, BCIT) as an applied science (engineering) and business major and I am so confused on the requirements for IB diploma students for fall 2021.

I am an IB diploma student however the only science and math offered was biology HL, and Math Analysis and Approaches SL/HL. I know many of the Canadian schools have specific requirements for applied science but they are so unclear on their sites and whatnot so maybe someone here can help.

Next thing is less important but nice to know, is that while I've always been aware that Canadian Universities actually consider your senior year GPA, I had also recently heard that only the grade 11 and 12 GPA is calculated. So maybe if someone here could clarify this stuff for me please?


Collegevine at the moment exclusively does American schools. They have said eventually they may add British and Canadian school but it’s not in the near future.
Ah ok

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Okok i think i can answer this pretty well. In Canada, universities aren't elite in any way, it the program that people apply to. You don't want to apply to like U of T Health Science if you are looking for a good med school program. If you wanna go to med then you would wanna apply to McMaster Health Sci. Even though its not as good of a school, its got the best health sci program in the country. In contrast you dont want to apply to UBC comp sci because the comp sci program is a lot better at Waterloo. University's are graded by the average level of all the programs. You want to search up "Best (field you will go into) programs in Canada". Most of these applications are almost 70% academics. You have a grade cutoff and if you're deep into the higher end, you are basically guaranteed a spot provided ur supp essay is at least relevant and thought out. Canadian universities also take 95% weighting on your grade 11 marks and they just check your grade 12 marks for 1. course rigor 2. if you fail a course you might be denied admission after you get accepted. Canadian Universities are very light in terms of required courses, I believe you can email telling them that you couldnt take chem or physics and they would be fine.

Under further review of your question, it looks like you are applying to Engineering so In my opinion, the best school for that would be U of T however its best to have an average of 95% in all your courses. Especially since your doing IB, you will be very competitive. I think you should also apply to UBC same story as U of T because both programs are competitive. It also has a top business program.

Good Luck!

Ok so what do you think a good target would be for an 85-90% average?
Do you have also any links that you can give as well? Thanks for the answer though it was very helpful!
There are actually a few selective schools McGill comes to mind.
Highly selective Canadian colleges require at least a 90% average with the median being 95%. 85%-90% is usually the second-sixth best schools
I'm sorry to bother you again @ElijahK but could you maybe reword that again? I just don't know what second-sixth best schools would be lol.. do you mean like Universities like SFU, UVic?
As you know Canada has not as many universities compared to USA so if the best program for a field is comparable to a T20 school in the US then an 85-90 will get you in to a T50 school
So refering to Canada, a T50 level school would be a program that isnt the best but still on the rankings if you searched it up
Can you give examples? I kind of know how the Canadian schools rank relative to one another but I don't know which ones would be T50.. if you listed a T50 university I probably could figure it out. Thanks!