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Which extracurricular activity should I focus on in my college application essay?

I am an Indian student and I am trying to fill out college applications for US Colleges. My dream college is BYU, Provo. My GPA is 4.0 and I took up some mock SATs and my score is around 1500, which is above the average score of BYU applicants. The only field wherein I am lagging is extracurriculars. I am from a very small town in India and here we do not have the culture of taking extracurriculars. Sure, I do love to read books and I have even written in anthologies. I have also completed an Internship online. But I have no idea how to completely formulate my essays. Please help me! Any guidance would be much appreciated!!

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The question may be a bit unclear as to what the point of it is. But I have attempted to answer it below.

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Well, it might be tough to write an extracurricular essay without any solid extracurriculars. Have you played any sports? Have you helped with the family business (if you guys have one)? I know some people who weren't able to do extracurriculars because they had to work/babysit their siblings. You can write about that. Did you publish in anthologies often? If so, you can definitely write about that! But make sure you have somewhat of a connection with whatever activity you choose to write on your essay. (What did you learn from this extracurricular? What does it show about your personality?) The internship could also be something you write about. What did you learn from the internship, and how did it help you grow as a person? Good luck on your college admissions journey, and I hope this helps!

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