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Is it possible to go to college or have any chances to apply and enter if I come from South America?

I was born in the US, but currently live in Peru. I'm studying the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, I'm on high school and I want to pursue a career in the medical field. I was searching for different colleges that have pre-med programs and all ask for great GPA and good extracurricular activities, but here in South America, they work with a 0-20 grade system (e.g. if you get 05 you don't pass), and you don't have much opportunities to have good extracurricular activities. I want to know if that affects my application somehow and if it's going to be something to worry a lot about. I'm a little bit afraid I might not get in if I haven't spent enough hours doing extracurricular activities or doing stuff that looks good on my college application. Also, there's a problem, and it's that I want to know how the loans and stuff like that work, and if somehow I could get a little place to stay were I can study and that is near the campus. I ask this because here in Peru the official type of money is PEN "soles", and on the US are the dollars, and stuff can get a little bit expensive in that aspect and a loan or something could help a lot. (One more thing, here there are not many chances to do extra. activities, and even if I wanted to, it's pretty hard, any word on what can I do with this?)

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4 years ago

It is pretty important to have extra curricular so I would try to find just a few things that you could put on your Common App. For instance if you'd played an instrument or sport for a long time or even if you had the opportunity to help in your local associations. I lived in Guatemala for a few years and I was able to find a few opportunities to volunteer. Given the pandemic, maybe people are looking for help with online things?

As for loans it really depends on the school you are looking at. Each school has their own rules regarding international scholarships so its best if you just go to each college's website and check the requirements. Dont worry about boarding, usually first year undergrads are first in line for on campus boarding.

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