2 years ago
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Explaining cancelled clubs due to covid on the common app

Hi, a club I have been a part of since my freshman year of high school has been canceled due to covid.

I was wondering how I would go about explaining to colleges (on the common app activities section) that I am no longer participating in it because it was cancelled without it looking like I quit in 11th grade.

Is it appropriate to use the additional info section that asks how covid has impacted you? Or should that be for more severe impacts?

Thank you!


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2 years ago

Unfortunately I was in the same situation as you are now. My clubs got canceled and there is not section in the Common App to specify that I am not quitting!

I was lucky because overall, the pandemic didn't impact me that much, so it was recommended to me that I use the additional section to quickly explain.

Basically I used the covid section to explain that I was super lucky to have been minimally impacted. Although some of my clubs (that I have been in for a long time) where canceled I explained how it allowed me to focus on helping my community. Basically I would say that you can explain the fact that the clubs got canceled but also show how you're able to surpass that and lesson you learned

Hope that helps


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