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I want to go down the pre- med track, but I really don't want to spend 4 years studying biology or biochemistry. Can I major at business administration while taking pre-med classes at Duke university? Will it be too stressful?

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This seems like a question for Duke admissions. But what I will say is majoring in Bio Chemistry Ir Health sciences is 100% not needed to get into Medschool. You likely(90%) do not need to go down the premed track. I’m not 100% sure of this stats reliability but people who don’t major in premed have a higher chance at getting into medschool then people who do. Hope this helps.

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You do not have to study Bio or BioChem but I would stray too far away from subjects that have to do with being a doctor or running a hospital.

I think getting an MBA would serve you better as a 2nd graduate degree versus trying to get an undergrad degree in Business. So doing an MBA/MD at Harvard, Johns Hopkins, USC, UPenn, NYU is way more prestigious and carries more clout.

Top Med School Majors, # Applicants per Major, #Matriculants, % of Accepted on Avg.

Biological Sciences 30,693, 12,484, 41%

Humanities 1,678, 780, 46%

Math and Statistics 344, 163,47%

Other 8,754,3,371,39%

Physical Sciences 4,937, 2,355, 48%

Social Sciences 5,001, 1,995, 40%

Specialized Health Sciences 1,964, 721, 37%

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I heard Cornell doesn't accept international students who can't fund their education themselves. How true is this?


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