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Can I double major on full financial aid in one of the ivy league universities?

I am in Indian high school , grade 10, preparing for grade 11 subjects to choose and plan for applying to abroad universities on full financial aid.


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4 years ago[edited]

Can you double major at an Ivy League school? (this is concentrating in 2 subjects, earning 1 diploma, not 2 degrees)

Princeton - No

Columbia, Yale, Dartmouth, UPenn- Yes, however, it may take more than 4 years.

Cornell, yes only in the same college not across the 7 colleges.

Harvard - No

Can you get full financial aid as an international student?

Almost like up to 90% depending on what both your parents (guardians) and your personal financial situation is including income, assets including business and farm income. The idea of 100% full-ride is an overstated concept both for Americans and Int'l students. Even if you qualify for the very top level of financial aid, you will still have thousands of dollars of expense each year and the school will most likely ask you work 8-10 hours a week on campus in something called work-study ($2500-$3000) and also may take say 25% of your summer earnings ($1250 max in most cases) to be applied to the bursars' office (accounting) and deduct that from your financial aid package or deduct the work-study job income and you sign an agreement that you will contribute a portion of your summer earnings to the school. So if tuition, room & board are $80.000, your cost is already a min. of $3750-$4250.

Also traveling to and from your country is not included nor any transfers (say $1500 per round trip) as well as the VISA fees which at least $530.00. Keep in mind other costs like health insurance ($2500-$3000), a laptop/printer ($1000), books, and supplies ($1250) are typically not part of the financial aid award either. So it's safe to assume to budget $8,000-$10,000 as an international student on financial aid per year even if you get the most generous financial aid package. But on the bright side, that is better than $80,000 per year. And if you are really motivated and savvy you can earn most of that during the summer, no problem.

The thing to understand is that the US has 4300 colleges. The Ivy league only makes up 8 schools. There are another 50 colleges both public & private, research, and liberal arts colleges that arguably will give just as good or better of education depending on what you study. And there are at least another 100 that are almost as good. So be open-minded because 310-315,000 people apply, 20,000 (6.7% on avg.) get in they fill up the 14,000 spots. Why I'm saying this is because other awesome colleges sometimes have better financial aid. For instance, MIT, Rice, WashU, Boston U, Swarthmore, Amherst, John Hopkins, CalTech, Vanderbilt, etc.

Where you go to college is NOT who you will be. Remember that.

Hope that helps. It's the most accurate and honest answer I can give you.

4 years ago

Yes! After getting accepted you can choose if you want to double major or not! It's pretty common and it doesn't have anything to do with your financial aid.

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