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Hi, I'm a junior in the Boston ma area, interested in polysci and interning somewhere!

Hi, I'm a junior in the Boston ma area, interested in polysci and interning somewhere- does anyone know the best way to go about that? want to help with campaigning and be an intern, that sort of idea! thanks ! :)

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2 years ago

Do you have a specific campaign you want to get involved with? I would look into reaching out to that local campaign office, or check their website, and see if they are accepting interns. If not, I'm sure you could get involved with canvassing or phone banks or something else like that.

What specifically are you interested in for polysci? Try checking out these websites, they may help you find an internship. Hopefully for something you're interested in too!



2 years ago

It may be helpful to search for political research internships at an advocacy agency or public affairs office. Many of these government agencies or private firms are always looking for HS interns who want to learn the ropes and provide support on the back end.


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