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Should I list that I've applied to a major national competition if the decisions have not come out yet?

Hi, I am entering into the Regeneron National Science Talent Search. It is a prestigious national competition that accepts about 20% of their applicants, however, the decisions from the competition board only come after the regular decision deadline for my top schools: UC Berkeley and UCLA. With that being said, does it help to mention this in my activities section?


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2 years ago

No it’s like saying you applied to Stanford and UCLA there’s nothing special about applying it really only counts if you are accepted. But what you can do is list the prep work and other stuff you’ve done or just list it in additional info.

But what you can do is when you (hopefully) get accepted you can email them and essentially provide an update and more or less say

Dear UCLA Admissions,

I just wanted to update y’all that I got accepted into the Regernon Talent Search. I hope you can consider that when you review my application.

Warm Regards,


Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!

PS I presume you’ll get the acceptance/denied thing before you get your acceptance/denied letter from the schools themselves. Not 100% sure though.


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