4 years ago
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Are these extracurriculars good for my freshman year of high school?

I have just started high school, and it seems I will be participating in these extracurricular activities:

- Yearbook staff

- 4 clubs (Harvard Model Congress, Key Club, a music project that performs for underprivileged people, and an art and illustration club)

- Junior varsity basketball

How do these sound? Do you think there is something more I should try to do?


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4 years ago

It's hard to tell because you just started. There is no bad EC in 9th grade.

In 3 years if you are the Editor of Yearbook, the Co-Chair of HMC, President of Key Club, raised $50,000 for your music project, won a State drawing award for your art portfolio, and become the Team Captain of the Basketball team, that will be show leadership, passion, and a clear talent for doing what you love. Don't pick an EC because you think it looks good on paper. All good admissions officers can see through someone who has clicked off all the checkboxes. Pick and stick with ECs you are happiest doing these things and get off a lot of personal enjoyment in the work and serving your school, community, or those marginalized through no fault of their own. If any of these ECs don't resonate with you, drop them and pick some other ones.

4 years ago

I suggest you try everything you can on your freshman year, to get a good sense of what you're really into. That way when you commit to something on the years to follow, you will do it without complaining and easily put a lot of effort to it.

Remember is always better to have consistency in you ECs, doing then during your whole high school. That way you can really get good at whatever you do and impress the universities with your consistency/persistency and improvement.

Only do things you're really interested in doing.

Good luck! :)

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