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What should I do about college?

Hi I'm chiara, I'm 15 in the 10th grade and I'm worried about college. I want to go and learn about college and I'm still trying to pic my major. When I ask my parents about college they brush me off and tell me not to worry about it right now. What should I do? Should I just wait until I'm older to worry about college?

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Just FYI as a first time user we really need a grade level not name and age :-)

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oh ok. I'm in 10th grade

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So I’d definitely worry about college you don’t need concrete plans but you just need an outline. The big question is what do you want to study? Let’s say you want to study STEM as in Science Technology Engineering and Math that rules out liberal arts schools that only teach humanities such as Teaching English History Pyschology etc. Schools like that teach both STEM and humanizes are research schools. You will not find like any schools that are just STEM they may be predominantly STEM but pure STEM no.

Once you decide that refelect on your academic capability and decide if you want to attend a very rigorous school like MIT Ivies Stanford etc or if you want to attend a non selective school like Kansas that accepts 85ish% of all who apply or a semi selective like Maryland that accepts 50%. If you decide you want to attend a selective school you DEFINITELY have to worry about college now. You need to devolop your extracurriculars rigor and your profile as a whole. For semi selective you need some extracurriculars and good academics.

If you comment I can clarify stuff for you!

Hope this helps!

PS: For majors if you have a list of 2-4 majors that interest that’s fine just don’t have your only choice be engineering and want to go a school that doesn’t teach that.

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Hi Chiara! You have plenty of time to figure out where you want to go, the financial stuff, your major, and your essays as a sophomore. But, I personally think it's never too early to start thinking about college, but I would urge you not to worry or stress about it, at least not yet. The college process can be stressful, but the advantage of starting to think about these things early is it alleviates a lot of stress during your junior and senior years. I would start thinking about what types of fields you are interested in (i.e. STEM, the arts, language, etc.) and start taking class around them (i.e. if you like science, maybe take an additional science class) and participating in extracurriculars around them (i.e. if you like foreign languages, apply for cultural exchange trips if they're offered at your school or within your community or start a pen pal club that writes letters to people in different countries). This will allow you to see if you truly enjoy your interests. Plus, if you do find something you're passionate about, your application will reflect that interest with three (four if you're already doing this) years of participation in an activity centered around it as well as additional elective classes. Another thing I would start doing is making a list of ideas or events that you could write your personal or supplemental essays about. I wish I had done this, I'm a senior and I've written my current personal essay five times and I hate it, so I'm going to start over. I only just came up with my new idea last night at 3 am. Also, I would start figuring out what type of institution you would be most successful at - is it a large, public state school or a smaller, private liberal arts one. Do you want to stay close to home or go to school in another country? If you have specific schools in mind, look at their GPA and course requirements, and see if you are on the right path to meeting them. Lastly, it seems to me like your parents are brushing you off about the financials, I think they will be more open during your junior or senior year. Besides, financial reasons shouldn't stop you from applying to your dream schools - there's always scholarships and worst-case scenario: loans. One last tip: start studying for the SAT early (that is if it actually matters next year). I would recommend either beginning or middle of your junior year. I started the summer after my sophomore year because I am planning on applying to some stupidly competitive schools. My best suggestion is to augment your study schedule around your PSAT score and the score you are shooting for on the SAT.


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