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why does college vine not show certain colleges on my list after I've added them?


I've tried adding Barnard, Johns Hopkins and the University of Arizona to my list multiple times and they wont show up on my full list of colleges. I've even taken all my colleges off and tried again - these colleges still show individually as "considering" but wont show on the complete list. Anyone have any suggestions?


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I was having this problem too. Make sure clear all filters when trying to look at your list; that was the problem for me.

Thank you. Clearing filters worked. Now - strangely - colleges are labeled differently (safety, target, hard target)on my computer vs on my phone. For example, a colleges Showing 79%-84 chance is labeled as safety in my computer but target on my phone. Percentages are the same on both phone and computer - just the labels are off (46-55 labeled target on the computer and 27-38 labeled hard target instead of safety. How do I get them to be the correct labels on the computer?
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The lists are separate you have to add them on both. Email for more info