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Will college admissions officers have bias when reading my essay?

So I'm writing my personal statement, and I was wondering if having an unpopular opinion might make my essay less effective if the admissions officers disagrees or is biased. Specifically, I'm writing about how I think that something is overrated as a part of a metaphor. So if the person reading my essay strongly disagrees with this opinion and really loves the thing I'm talking about, do you think that they might not be as compelled by my essay?


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College Essays are a tricky aspect of College Applications since they do not have a quantitative benchmark for us to be able to judge or compare ourselves to our peers. Admissions officers are primarily looking for an insight into the writer's qualities rather than the plot of the Narrative or the intricate use of language. While this does not mean that we do not abide by the standard English conventions, it surely means that the methods we use to express ourselves in the essays are outside the scope of scrutiny of the admissions officers. That being said, having an unpopular opinion is not going going to have a negative impact on your essay, as long as it describes something about you, say it describes that you believe in yourself and stand by your opinion, you do not choose the path which everyone would normally pick, you are UNIQUE! Your essay could even be describing how you think your unpopular opinion is right! My personal suggestion though is to not include distinct political, religious or social biases explicitly. This is not because the admission officers will have a negative effect of your essay, but they might feel that your essay delves more into your opinions rather than your personality/ aspirations/ qualities you possess to achieve your goals. Once again, it the admissions officers job to keep personal and professional aspects of their lives separate, hence you do not need to worry about their personal opinions hindering their assessment of your essay.

Hope this helps!


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