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How should I study for SAT subject test for math 2?

I'm planning on taking the SAT subject test for math 2 and I'm not sure how I should study for it...Could someone give me some tips for books, websites, and other ways to practice?

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2 years ago

The books which I would recommend are the following:

1.) The Official SAT Study Guide

Advantages: Very good approximation of the question types that will be asked on the actual test.

2. )Barron’s New SAT (28th Edition)

It is an excellent resource for Math practice.

3. )SAT Prep Black Book: The Most Effective SAT Strategies Ever Published

4.) Princeton Review

2 years ago[edited]

I am a student who scored 780 on the test (am retaking for a perfect score). However, I believe my advice can be worth something.

1. Buy Barron's Prep Book. This is the ultimate SAT Subject Test prep book, it covers all topics, and has 8 practice tests. I would recommend taking one test every Saturday/Sunday for a month before the test (maybe take two the week of).

- Also, use the official college board tests which are on a different prep book (these lean a bit easy).

2. For concepts that are hard to understand, use KhanAcademy and Organic Chem Tutor. Especially on topics such as parametric functions, conic sections, polar/cartesian coordinates, THESE ARE LIFESAVERS. Use the practice problems on sites like khanacademy and cracksat for conceptual practice.

3. Highlight key formulas and memorize them (Barron's book). I learn by understanding, but memorizing formulas has helped in so many ways. (Write them down 10 times each).

If you need any more advice, let me know!

2 years ago

One of the best ways is to take practice tests so you get familiar with the questions that the test asks, how they ask them, and the pace of the test. While you take the practice tests, make notes of questions that give you trouble. These should be questions where you don't know the concept, don't know what steps to take to solve the problem, or really any question you aren't like..80% sure you got correct. After completing the tests correct your answers. Take note of anything you got wrong. You should now have a solid set of questions to review. Do the best you can to categorize these questions (what topic/concept are they covering, what made you get it wrong, why did you circle it, etc.). Anything to help yourself out and get you more info.

After taking a few tests you should have a general idea of where your areas for growth are. You should also have a good sense of what types of questions are your areas of strength. Focus on those areas for growth and you should see your score improve. These practice tests will also help you learn the best way for you to approach the test. Learning how to take the SAT/SAT IIs is almost as important as learning the material.

In terms of books and websites to study from, there are lots of options. Barron's has a solid prep book that is generally pretty difficult. If you can score well on the Barron's tests in the books you should feel confident going into test day. Of course you could also get the official College Board prep book. They also have practice tests on their website. Khan Academy is a great place to brush up on any of the areas you had difficulty with in your practice tests. Probably one of the best sites I've found is cracksat.net. You can find a TON of practice tests, questions, basically everything you need for the SAT or its subject tests. I HIGHLY recommend checking out that site. Good luck with the prep!


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