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If I went to the UMTC liberal arts will I be set back for a medical program?


How do majors of a science school reflect their majors vs. a liberal arts school?

I got accepted into the Swenson College of Science at the UM Duluth. However, I want to go to UM Twin Cities because of its preciousness. Part of me thinks that if I do go to the liberals arts school, I will be set back because I was already accepted at the Swenson school. I'm a bit conflicted between choices at the moment. I was wondering if anyone has some good advice to guide me on the right path to a pre-medical program and later medical school.


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I've seen this article posted in other similar questions and it seems relevant to you I think this one might be even more relevant:

Overall you should go wherever you think will make you happiest. Pre-med students can major in anything they want as long as they meet all the requirements. You might have more opportunities for research and related things at Swenson but going to UM Twin Cities should not set you back at all.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!
This helped a lot after reading the articles, thank you again!
No problem, glad I could help!