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What courses should I take Junior and Senior Year?

I am currently a sophomore in high school. I plan on pursuing a career in nursing after high school. I have already taken several college and AP courses including Intro to Psychology (A-), Political Science (A), Intro to Business (A), AP US History (3), and AP Macroeconomics (not finished). I do not know what courses to take to help pursue my degree and would like some help. For junior year, I already intend to take Career Center Nursing and Spanish III. I have 3 electives left and would be willing to take a forth outside of class time. For senior year, I plan on taking AP Spanish and possibly begin a second foreign language course. I will have 5-6 electives. I hope to have a very rigorous schedule during these 2 years. My school is very small and offers most AP and elective courses online. The course catalog for these courses is inside the link.


Thanks in advance!


Class 1-3: Career Center Nursing

Class 4: Spanish III

Class 5: Undecided Math

Class 6: Undecided ELA

Class 7: Undecided

Class 8 (optional): Undecided


Class 1: AP Spanish

Class 2: Undecided Foreign Language

Class 3: Undecided Math

Class 4: Undecided ELA

Class 5-8: Undecided

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I'm going to take a shot at this. Hopefully I don't pick classes you've already taken for something like math. Anyways, what about this?

Junior year:

Class 5 - Algebra 2

Class 6 - American Literature (I don't know the difference of A and B)

Class 7 - Medical terminology

Senior Year:

Class 2 - Whatever language interests you. I heard Latin can help with medical terms but you may want to learn a spoken language

Class 3 - Probability and Statistics

Class 4: American Literature (whatever one you don't do junior year)

Class 5: Anatomy and Physiology

Class 6: Maybe another science class? Bio, chem, bioethics?

Class 7: Something from social studies. Psychology, sociology, or whatever interests you

Class 8: Either a true elective or an "elective" from one of the core areas if there are classes that interest you

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So when you say you have 3 electives left for junior year and 5-6 for senior year have you already counted for core classes you need to take and you truly just need to find electives? Or are you looking for 3 more total classes your junior year and 5-6 senior year (core classes + electives combined). Because your answer will probably change any recommendations.

I think a lot of colleges and universities will be expecting you to have hit certain requirements to be able to apply to their programs. If you have an idea of where you want to go you should check out their website and note their requirements. I would definitely make sure to take math and science classes both years. Make sure to take ELA classes and continue your world language classes as you are planning on doing. I think most places expect some amount of history

Do you have a school counselor you can talk to as well for your classes? Or do you take them all online? If there's someone you can contact from the online school to ask for advice on picking classes I would try that too. The biggest thing is to not fill those 8-9 classes you are looking to fill with ONLY electives. That probably won't look good on your application.


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