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09/27/2020 at 08:57PM
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How do international students calculate their GPA?

Hello, I’m an international student from Indonesia, I go to a public school here, and I’m interested on applying to a university in the US. During my application on the Common App, I was asked to provide my GPA (weighted/unweighted). I’m having trouble on completing my application, because my school grading system here in Indonesia is different from the US. How can I calculate or convert my grades to a GPA? Thankyou for your time :).

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09/27/2020 at 09:09PM

I'm not sure how your grading system works exactly, but I did find a GPA calculator for international students. You enter your country, your grading system, and then the courses you have taken and the grades you received in them and it will calculate your GPA for you.

After using this website, I would also recommend double-checking your results with someone at your school, like a counselor, to make sure it is accurate.


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