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How hard is it to get into UNC-CH out of state? (test scores, GPA, etc)

UNC's general acceptance rate is not that bad, but I also realize that they accept mostly in-state students. Does anyone know what things I need to do to better my chances of getting in as an out-of-state student? Any advice is appreciated.

@maerizka year ago

It has a very low out of state acceptance rate. I think it's 9%.

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a year ago

Not only do they accept fewer out of state applicants, but they also get more than twice as many applications from out-of-state students than in-state students. There's not really a secret tip, but just know that you're competing for fewer spots with more applicants, which means that the standards are much higher for admissions so try to be at the high end of applicants for all of the factors in the admissions process.


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