4 years ago
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Can I apply for scholarship as international student after graduating from high school ?

if i apply for scholarship as international student after graduating high school and continue learning at local university, do I have to apply as transfer student since the decision won’t come as early for me to enter directly to the university I applied to as freshman.

@VeggieDance4 years ago

This question is confusing. Are you applying for a financial or merit aid at your local university or paying that out of pocket or both your local university and the college of choice Regular Decision or just the college you are applying to Regular Decision? And clarify your timelines because no one can read this question and follow your timeline. So when do you graduate HS? When are you applying to your ED/EA/RD college? What do you mean you "directly to the UNI I applied to as a freshman?"Huh?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Tina_tadesse4 years ago

My local university is public and I don’t have to pay for education or housing. I will graduate from high school in August 2021 and I want to apply both ED and RD to tech universities at US offering full funded scholarships their deadline is usually November or January 2021 to attend school in 2022. So instead of taking a gap year after I finish high school in August 2021 I wanted to attend local public university until the decisions came from the universities I applied to.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Tina_tadesse4 years ago

So my main question is does this have a negative impact? And do I have to apply as transfer student if I plan to wait for the decision while learning at local university.

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4 years ago

I think you are making assumptions that are not accurate.

Let's get the terminology straight.

1.) Scholarships in the US are 99% need base financial aid not really merit scholarships for International Students. So you have to get admitted to a college as the first course of action and then immediately after or concurrently apply for financial aid to that institution. When you get your acceptance letter you will sometimes find out what your financial aid package is as well or you sometimes have to wait until that comes out a few weeks later. So it's possible to get accepted without know whether you can afford to attend the college that accepted you.

2.) Second 99% of students apply to colleges while they are in their last year of high school not after they graduate from high school. Once you graduate in 8/2021 and then immediately matriculate into a public university in your home country, you are no longer a high school student but a college student. Now if you matriculated into a private high school as a post-graduate 13th grader or PG student, you would still be a high school student. But if you are attending college and taking classes for grades on your transcript you are a college student, not a high school student.

Therefore if you are applying to college in the US and submitting your application on 11/2020 or 1/2021 you are applying as a transfer college student , NOT a high school student. I'm not sure what the Financial Aid implications are for transfer international students so I can't speak to that except to say that you most likely need to apply with the FAFSA and CSS forms as well.

As you know some US colleges have very low Transfer student college acceptance rates versus regular HS senior acceptance rates so do your research and keep track of that.

IMO, you will be negatively impacted if you decide to apply to US colleges as a transfer student.

1.) If the US school has different standards of classes, some or none of the coursework will be counted.

2.) Depending on where you apply, you may be facing much harder acceptance rates.

As an advice, I would hop off this CV blog and start posting and asking questions on other websites that might focus more on transfer students or international students since most of the people on here are high school kids who are applying to college the first time from high school. This website and its tools and calculators were not intended or built to facilitate questions for transfer students.

Good Luck.

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