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What is the best way to raise my GPA as a junior in high school?

Hello. I want to raise my GPA to a 3.8 unweighted. I currently have a 3.5. What is the best way to raise it?

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At this point, you can get your Weighted GPA up by taking APs classes but it won't do much for your unweighted GPA.

3.8 is not possible.

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4 years ago

If you want to raise your GPA, stay extremely on top of the classes you are currently in right now. Ask your teacher for extra credit to get all of your grades as high as possible. If you find yourself struggling, or you just want to improve in a certain subject even more, get a tutor. There is nothing wrong with getting a tutor- it can turn an A into an A+. Be sure to plan ahead for your senior year. See what classes will help benefit your GPA (a subject that you like, or an easier class) but also keep in mind that if you are taking really rigorous classes, then a lower GPA will be seen as better than a low GPA of a person who is not taking rigorous classes. I suggest emailing your teachers and asking them how you can improve all your grades. If you go to your teacher and display that you really want to excel, they should want to help you.

4 years ago[edited]

You will be able to get your Weighted GPA up more than your Unweighted GPA.

Mathematically, a 3.8 UGPA not possible.

If you received a 3.5 UGPA for 9/10th grade and get a 4.0 junior year taking the same avg. amount of classes, you would get to 3.667 Max. UGPA.

If you continue to get "A's" during your senior year, by the end of the Fall Semester you will have 3.714 and your final GPA will be 3.75 Unweighted.

If you continued to take PG year or Post Graduate year of HS at a private boarding school or something like that and got all As you would get to 3.8 after your 13th year of HS.

Therefore, you should not be thinking about a 3.8 UGPA but think of 4 academic areas you can delve into and show an upward trend of improvement.

1.) Take the most rigorous classes your school offers. (APs, Honors, etc)

2.) Show measurable grade improvement on an upward trend so for the next 4 semesters aim for something attainable like 3.8, 3.9, 4.0, 4.0.

3.) Augment your classroom learning with dual enrollment classes offered at community colleges or take college credit classes online.

4.) Use your 11/12 summer wisely like get an internship with a college professor and do some interesting research into a subject that you are interested in doing over.

While admissions officers want to see that you have been a consistent A student all 4 years, the next best thing is to become a straight-A student by the time they read your college application if that makes sense. And they are always looking to see that you challenged yourself, you took risks, you attempted things outside your comfort zone and you have intellectual curiosity outside of the classroom.

Good luck with your 11th/12th grades.

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