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SAT Test Optional


Should I even bother taking the SAT at this point? I want to apply early decision (which is Nov.1 for the schools I want to apply to) and so far my highschool has cancelled it SIX times, so they’ll probably end up cancelling it again. Not to mention, the next sat test date is going to be after the Application deadline. I was just wondering because although the colleges are saying it won’t hurt to not submit it, let’s be honest, it still matters.


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Actually most schools that say they are test optional stress the point that not submitting will not hurt your chances of getting in. I know it seems kind of sus but honestly I think it just means that they are going to give grades and essays more weight. Obviously it varies by school, but overall the Universities who have gone Test Optional/Blind aren't really stressing scores anymore, and say so in seminars and college fairs. I suggest that you put time into college apps rather than trying to find a test date. It doesn't hurt to keep trying but, don't sweat if it doesn't end up happening. It think applying early decision will give you more of a boost that optional test scores honestly

Good Luck!!

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Personally, I think it's important to still take the SAT. Some schools might be test-optional, but they won't give you scholarships unless you submit a score. It's certainly a trade-off. My rule of thumb is if your score is above the average for that school, submit it for the chances of getting into honors/scholarship opportunities. If you're below the averages, don't submit it and rely on the other aspects of your application to get you in. It can't hurt you to take it!

There are always options to submit your SAT after you're admitted to be qualified for more scholarships, and there are also outside scholarships that utilize your SAT/ACT for acceptance.