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Summer activities (internships, nonprofits, programs, etc.) for social science in Atlanta?

I'm a sophomore interested in the social sciences, specifically political science/international relations. I'm looking to explore my career interests more and develop my extracurricular profile (which is pretty weak) this summer. Most programs and internships for HS kids near me are STEM oriented, and though those are interesting, it wouldn't make sense for me to do them. Are there any specific activities I should look into in the Atlanta area (suburb)?


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2 years ago

One thing to consider is that just because a program or internship is STEM related that doesn't mean you shouldn't do them. If YOU find it interesting and it's something you think would be fun or a good learning experience, try it out! Especially if you have the potential to participate in it long-term. Don't think everything you to do get ready for college has to be related to the areas you are interested in studying.

Having said that, I think some of these links will be helpful for you. I honestly didn't check out the quality of the internships posted but most should be close to the Atlanta area. I'll trust you to see if they're the right fit for you.


https://politicalscience.gsu.edu/undergraduate/program-overview/internship-opportunities/ (these might be difficult to get as a high school student since it's from a college website)


I think your best bet will be the first link but there may be some hidden gems in the other ones!


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