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A-levels or AP?

I am a current GCSE student in the British curriculum. I am planning to apply to very selective colleges like MIT. Is there any advantage if I take the American high school curriculum rather than the British A-levels?

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a year ago

Hey! So I'm a UK GCSE student that moved to the US right after my GCSE's and before A-levels. Do your A-levels, 100%. Not only does it complete your UK education, but incase the MIT application doesn't work out, you will be able to apply to local colleges.

I am doing a few AP's here, and they are about as difficult as A-levels, so if you wanted, pick just one AP which is similar to your a-levels and take a practice exam for it, and if your score doesn't turn out too good, don't take the AP exams. Otherwise, you can, but I don't think it would add too much to your application. Doing the ACT or SATs would, however, since every kid in the country takes them and if you take them, you can be compared to them and as thus making it easier for the college admissions office to make a decision.

To summarize: do the ACT/SAT, it is more useful for college's here than the AP's. There are also subject SATs, which are probably a better idea than AP exams, as they tend to be shorter, less intensive, and still very useful in admissions.


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