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for my common app essay can I just write a personal story (like of one my fondest memories) or does it have to have some deep message/answer a question?

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11 months ago

Hello! It doesn't need to be super deep/contain some kind of trauma, but it should be an accurate representation of you and your passions and work ethic. I have heard of people using things like pizza and erasers as frame's for their essay's, and be admitted to Ivy Leagues. I once heard that if you can make your admissions officer laugh, cry, or preferably both, you're in. Hope this helps!

a year ago

Yes, but make sure it says something about you. It could be anything. For instance, how the people in your life are important to you and you create a community within those close to you. A big mistake people make in their essays is they don't allow the reader to learn anything about them.


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