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What Jobs can a Systems Engineering or Industrial Engineering Major have?

What type of Jobs can these majors Aquire. Spanning from different Industries.

Also - can they work with NASA?

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Here are some descriptions and jobs that people got with the degrees from specific universities.

Firstly, from UC Berkeley (Industrial Engineering and Operations Research): "The B.S. degree in IEOR is designed to prepare students for technical careers in production or service industries. It provides a strong foundation for those intending to go on to specialized graduate study in operations research, industrial engineering, or business administration. The core of the program includes basic science mathematics, including probability and statistics engineering optimization and stochastic models. This forms the methodological foundation for upper-division IEOR electives involving the analysis and design of production and service systems, information systems, and human work systems and organization, among others."

Companies that graduates have ended up at include Uber, SpaceX, 3M, Google, and Barclays.

Secondly, from the University of Florida (Systems Engineering): "Industrial and Systems Engineering deals with the optimization of complex processes or systems. It typically focuses on the development, improvement, implementation, and evaluation of integrated systems of people, money, knowledge, information, equipment, energy, materials, etc. Industrial and systems engineering often relies on, among others, the analysis and synthesis of mathematical, physical, social sciences, and the principles and methods of engineering design to specify, predict, and evaluate results from such systems or processes."

Graduates have ended up at SpaceX, Lyft, Barclays, and Uber.

So to answer your question, IEOR or Systems engineers can work in a variety of industries, but their main focus is on the optimization of systems. This ranges from factory plants to aircraft design, to quantitative analysis at big financial companies.

Hope this helps!

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