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Can you send SAT scores to a college you already sent an application to?

Hi! If I want to send in my college applications to meet the Early Action deadline of November 1st, can I take my SAT on November 7th and send my scores when I get them? Thank you, I appreciate it!


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Hi, your 11/7 SAT test score will not be available until 11/20 and if you email them a PDF file say first thing 11/20, that still might be too late. (19 days late)

Therefore check with the college you are applying to. For instance, I just looked at YALE and they said October is the last SAT test date that you can submit a score for. Some schools might be more flexible because maybe they have later decision dates. Harvard seems to be more flexible with regular decision. I read that even though the RD deadline is Jan 1, they will take test score from the Feb 6, ACT test, which is over a month later. So they will get them Feb 21 about 4 1/2 weeks before Ivy day.

Here's a link with every ED/EA deadline and decision date for your convenience.


Best of luck with your EA application process.


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