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What outside-of-school extracurriculars can I do?

I want to be involved more outside of my school, how can I do that? In other words, what can I do to gain more experience in community activities?

@DebaterMAXa year ago [edited]

What grade are you? Also what type of school sponsored activities are you part of becuase if there’s a need you shouldn’t expand the claims you’re participating in.

@DebaterMAXa year ago

Also what major are you interested?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@jhapea year ago

I am a sophomore. I am a part of Lumen Christi, Teens For Life, Cystic Fibrosis Club, and newly created club called Health Career Club. I am still thinking about what I want to major in but I definitely am thinking of taking the Medical pathway.

@emiilya year ago

Join Boy or Girl Scouts and work toward your Eagle or Gold Award. That way, you will be a lot more involved in your community. You can shadow a physician, although maybe not during the pandemic.

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a year ago

start to explore yourself and your interests. for me music is everything so I have lots of options but maybe music is not your thing. find something you really like and i guarantee somewhere whether it be in your school or community. I noticed you said you wanted to possibly go into the medical field so check out your local hospital and get in contact with them. lots of these places offer shadow or apprentice opportunities and colleges just eat that stuff up. hope this answer helps!


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