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Can you please tell me if there are any good internships in US offered to non US citizens?

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2 years ago

Hi! Securing an internship as a high school student can be difficult even for students that are US citizens. Generally, internship programs cater to college students, who typically have more expertise and are often see as more capable than high school students.

That said, a great place to look as a high school student is at unpaid internships or volunteer work. Colleges students are more likely to look for paid employment, which leaves more unpaid opportunities open for high school students.

For international students, work experience outside of the US is just as valuable on a college application as work experience in the US—colleges want to see students that are trying to further develop their interests, and internships are a great way to do this, regardless of if the internship takes place in the United States.

Consider checking out this US News Article for more information about internships for international students: https://www.usnews.com/education/best-colleges/articles/2019-05-14/what-to-know-about-internships-for-international-students

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