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Does this count as a spike?


I´m in 9th grade and was just wondering if this counts as a spike or if itś impressive. I made an application, a passion project that was promoted by 5 school districts. It aims to help students with covid-19. Should I continue to work on getting more districts on board or will this not help? I was thinking about it and iḿ putting a lot of work into the project and I'm very passionate about it! I was just wondering how impressive this achievement is for a 9th grader.


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You have demonstrated a love of learning and self-initiative to create something useful and purposeful. So congratulations. Most 9th graders can't code.

However, a "Spike" is not a singular project, event, or award, unless the project spans your entire HS career and is super successful with 10,000 downloads etc.

A Spike is a demonstrated talent or interest that would be your most important narrative outside of the classroom.

For instance, if you love rock climbing and lived, breathed and all you could think of was rock climbing. And say you practiced rock climbing 5 times a week and belonged to various rock climbing gyms and clubs. And say you won many rock climbing competitions and were ranked 8th in the US. Well, that's a spike.

Or say you loved composing music and had written about 50-100 songs and had them published. Say you recorded your own original music with your band and offered the music up for sale on Apple or Amazon music. Say you had a youtube channel of your music and had 500,000 followers. Well, that's a spike.

Your love of coding and creating applications may grow into a spike but you have to expand what you are doing and diversify your skillset in coding to make it a noticeable spike. In the meantime, be open to other hobbies, interests, sports, etc because might them equally enjoyable and fulfilling.

Best of luck in developing your talent and interests.

Thank you!!! this helped a lot!
Hold on: What do you mean by expand what I'm doing and diversifying my skillset in coding, do you mean like uploading apps to play stores?
So Im pretty sure I know what Cameron means and Im quoting the 2nd sentence "A Spike is not a singular project, event, or award" so while your project is used by 5 school district it is a singular item so either has it be used massively or do something else with coding such as something time management-y as you can build a niche for yourself making (and potentially selling) educational apps/resources. So to diversify dont be a one-hit wonder but have multiple successes.
Also if you do upload the stuff you make for the app store track downloads and see if any big name organizations will do a "spotlight article". A high number of downloads is really impressive and being reviewed/feature is always a good thing (assuming in a positive light)
Alright that makes sense! what if i put in a lot of time into making these apps and they end up not being success. I take a pretty long time to make things, and I thought about uploading apps to the playstore but I have not because of the app thatś been promoted by school districts,I´ĺl upload some apps to the playstore and see how it goes,but i´d also like to expand the number of district that are promoting my app,at what number of school districts would it be impressive(if impressive at all)?
So just getting a district to use it is impressive. If your download numbers end up flipping that’s not a big deal as you spent lots of time on it and any counselors looking into it can see what you did with the districts counteracts the low downloads more likely than not. Also it’s a long ways off but on your application you will list the title of your activity then a description than your time commitment to it. The only thing colleges care about is the description and time.
For example in Club X you are the treasurer. Saying As a treasurer of club x I led and planned a fundraiser that raised 5k and I also was responsible for doing xyz is infinitely better than saying I was treasurer of Club X.
Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!
Alright that was also really helpful! The thing is iḿ a really slow worker and I spend a lot of time on my applications, theyŕe more like AI robots online, the apps promoted by the districts were the first ones i published to the public. I spent a lot of time on it i barely had time for other things. Im worried when i do fill out my application that I won´t have time for other EC´s or i wont be able to commit as much to other EC´s. And then when college apps role around iĺl only have 1-3 EC´s
Also if have an idea of how would I label my EC´s would I label software development or could I label, app development, website development etc. also: could a competition be considered an EC?
So generally a broad area is an EC for example software devolopment it doesn’t matter what you call it. A single competition isn’t an EC unless it is either very prestigious or your only thing in the field. So I see your question as not a question of number of ECs but of quality. Is it better to participate in 8 state tournaments or is it more impressive to win a National tournement. Hope that makes sense.
That makes sense. I apologize for all these questions, i have a couple more, will it look bad if i only have three EC´s and how can I manage multiple EC´s, while still making an impact in software?
Refer to last comment as it’s quality not quantity that admissions cares about. Having a school district use it especially it’s a urban with high enrollment. As for last question I don’t know you but look at your schedule and be involved. Hope this helps.